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JurisMD — Family Support Services

JurisMD was founded to assist families who have lost a child to illness or injury who still have concerns and questions surrounding that tragic event. Dr. Santa Bartholomew has practiced Pediatric Critical Care Medicine in a variety of high volume settings for the last 35 years throughout the United States. Over that time, Dr. Santa has experienced, alongside families, the loss of their children to injury, cancer, sepsis and other diseases.

Although, healthcare providers always mean to get it right, that is not always the case. Sometimes lack of skill or education or appropriate support sets up a perfect storm that victimizes the child. In other cases, everything was done well but a child succumbs to illness. In either case parents and families are invariably left numb and questioning what happened. Often their ability to reason and understand complicated issues takes several weeks or months and questions begin to simmer in their minds.

During her years of practice, Dr. Bartholomew has often spoken to families and answered questions and concerns for them many months after they lost their child, and those are often the same conversations had at the time of their child’s death. But it is often too much to take in and assimilate in the whirlwind of grief and loss; maybe too hard to understand the medical jargon an unskilled provider used to explain what is happening, or just too much to take in while dealing with the thought of not seeing your most precious baby tomorrow.

We have created a place where you can come, discuss your grief, start to put the pieces back together, and with the help of people who have been there before, start to understand what happened to your loved one. Maybe it is just reading through the medical record with someone and having questions answered, maybe it is looking for reliable grief resources, or maybe finding legal assistance in the case of negligence. We are here to guide you through this daunting process.

When Dr. Bartholomew started as a pediatrician years ago her goal was to serve families and their children. Pediatric Critical Care helped her serve families through one of the most catastrophic chapters of their lives, the sickness of their child. And now JurisMD is here to help serve families who have suffered a terrible loss in regaining balance, understanding what happened to their loved one and helping with legal issues that may surround the death of their child.

Juris MD is Support for Families in Grief at the loss of a Child
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