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Medical File Review

In an uncertain world it can be difficult to find consistency. Our team at Pediatric Medical Experts strives for timely, thorough file reviews beginning with the first contact. Our team will listen carefully to your needs and coordinate with you for receipt and review of files. Whether it be peer review, utilization review, medical necessity or another type of file review Dr. Bartholomew thoroughly reviews files using her 30+ years of experience to provide timely and medically accurate information to our clients. 

Dr. Bartholomew’s extensive CV is available for review here. Please reach out to us today with any questions or to begin the review process.

  • Review of medical issues and facts prior to conferencing
  • Identification of areas of liability, causation and damages
  • Research into all relevant medical literature supporting your case
  • Organization of medical records, indexing and summaries
  • Participation in client interviews
  • Assisting attorneys with deposition preparation
  • Identification of potential defendants and appropriate standards of care
  • Follow-up evaluations to accurately access ongoing medical damages
Consistency. Quality. Efficiency.

Our team is here to provide consistency. Consistent quality and efficiency is an expectation that we strive to meet with every file whether it be peer review, pre-authorization, utilization reviews, disability opinions, chart reviews, medical necessity reviews or underwriting reports.  We utilize a team to coordinate and provide availability to our clients for your questions and needs.

Dr. Bartholomew prides herself in understanding the complexity of medical cases and the inherent need for accurate and timely diagnoses, treatment and follow through. Her 30+ years as a Physician in direct patient care roles has provided Dr. Bartholomew with innumerable experiences across the spectrum of conditions, injuries and illnesses. Her passion for her patients and their outcomes has driven her to stay on top of the most current treatment recommendations and standards of care. 

Dr. Bartholomew’s decades of work as a medical educator and collaboration with countless colleagues provide her with an insight into thought processes of others. This is invaluable in medical file review as it is necessary to be able to understand the thought processes involved in making medical decisions. A determination of medical necessity requires more than an algorithm, it requires an understanding of complex details that make each patient and case unique. Dr. Bartholomew understands the need for evidence-based, thorough determination of necessity, timely pre-authorization, and utilization review.

Healthcare costs affect patients, hospitals, insurance companies and everyone involved. Accurate, evidence-based utilization of resources is critical in the healthcare system in order to provide patients with the highest quality care. Dr. Bartholomew’s work as a Pediatric Intensivist, Pediatric Hospitalist and Pediatric Emergency Consultant provides her with an understanding of appropriate, evidence-based standards of care across the course of admission from arrival through discharge.  Through her Locums work in the U.S and across the world Dr. Bartholomew has experienced diverse patient populations with varied needs and has delivered the highest quality of care, utilizing resources available with the utmost respect.

Our team at Pediatric Medical Experts strives to provide a service aligning with our values of quality, efficiency, and consistency. We firmly believe that providing a service based on these values will be beneficial to patient outcomes as they can be confident that decisions regarding their medical care are being made on evidence-based foundations by a Provider who cares deeply for the patient and takes pride in ensuring quality outcomes without unnecessary testing or treatments.

Help us improve outcomes by contacting us today at (336) 203-4000. To review Dr. Bartholomew’s full CV please click here.

Thank you for trusting us with your needs. We look forward to working with you.

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