Medical File Review

Experience You Can Depend Upon

With decades of experience, Dr. Bartholomew and her team understand the complex legal processes involved in a trial, and we bring deep experience navigating those complexities. Medical records require a critical eye to navigate thousands of bits of information. The PME team has the knowledge and experience to sort through the mire to uncover the most significant facts for your case.

Case knowledge and consistency between deposition and testimony in trial is essential. Dr. Bartholomew’s knowledge of the healthcare system and its inner workings, her ability to deliver clear, concise, and confident testimony, along with your legal expertise, combine for the success of your case.

PME Medical File Review Services
Our Medical File Review Includes
  • Review of medical issues and facts prior to conferencing
  • Identification of areas of liability, causation and damages
  • Research into all relevant medical literature supporting your case
  • Organization of medical records, indexing and summaries
  • Participation in client interviews
  • Assisting attorneys with deposition preparation
  • Identification of potential defendants and appropriate standards of care
  • Follow-up evaluations to accurately access ongoing medical damages
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