Setting the Standard for Pediatric Testimony

Santa J Bartholomew M.D.

Santa J. Bartholomew, MD, FAAP, FCCM

has dedicated innumerable hours over the years to the rigors of continued education and keeping herself current with research and standards of care. Her 30+ years of experience and collaboration garners confidence that her findings and testimony meet the Frye Standard of consistency with prevailing accepted standards of care. Dr. Bartholomew’s dedication to her patients’ outcomes has motivated her to seek out quality, peer-reviewed research when it is available on a given subject. This research allows Dr. Bartholomew’s reports, deposition testimony, and trial testimony to meet the Daubert challenges across the country. Dr. Bartholomew’s passion and understanding of medicine is complemented by her approachability and compassion for people. She is skilled in relaying complex medical information in an understandable fashion for varied audiences depending on the needs of the situation.

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