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Expert Testimony

Pediatric Expert Testimony Services

You Need a Pediatric Expert You Can Trust

The success of your case, defendant or plaintiff, often hinges on the quality of expert witnesses you call to the stand. As an attorney representing either side in a medical malpractice dispute, you need someone you can trust, a pediatric expert witness who brings decades of experience providing the highest quality care, a deep understanding of the principles of care, and the ability to convey key medical principles to both judges and jurors in a consistent, thorough manner through reports, deposition, and testimony. You need Santa Bartholomew, MD and the PME Consulting team on your side.

Setting the Standard for Pediatric Testimony

Santa J Bartholomew M.D.

Santa J. Bartholomew, MD, FAAP, FCCM

has dedicated innumerable hours over the years to the rigors of continued education and keeping herself current with research and standards of care. Her 30+ years of experience and collaboration garners confidence that her findings and testimony meet the Frye Standard of consistency with prevailing accepted standards of care. Dr. Bartholomew’s dedication to her patients’ outcomes has motivated her to seek out quality, peer-reviewed research when it is available on a given subject. This research allows Dr. Bartholomew’s reports, deposition testimony, and trial testimony to meet the Daubert challenges across the country. Dr. Bartholomew’s passion and understanding of medicine is complemented by her approachability and compassion for people. She is skilled in relaying complex medical information in an understandable fashion for varied audiences depending on the needs of the situation.

Medical File Review

Experience You Can Depend Upon

With decades of experience, Dr. Bartholomew and her team understand the complex legal processes involved in a trial, and we bring deep experience navigating those complexities. Medical records require a critical eye to navigate thousands of bits of information. The PME team has the knowledge and experience to sort through the mire to uncover the most significant facts for your case.

Case knowledge and consistency between deposition and testimony in trial is essential. Dr. Bartholomew’s knowledge of the healthcare system and its inner workings, her ability to deliver clear, concise, and confident testimony, along with your legal expertise, combine for the success of your case.

PME Medical File Review Services
Our Medical File Review Includes
  • Review of medical issues and facts prior to conferencing
  • Identification of areas of liability, causation and damages
  • Research into all relevant medical literature supporting your case
  • Organization of medical records, indexing and summaries
  • Participation in client interviews
  • Assisting attorneys with deposition preparation
  • Identification of potential defendants and appropriate standards of care
  • Follow-up evaluations to accurately access ongoing medical damages

For reports, depositions, and testimony
you can trust, or if you have any questions,

If you are ready to begin
working with our team

Family Support through JurisMD

During her years of practice, Dr. Bartholomew has often spoken to families and answered questions and concerns for them many months after they lost their child, and those are often the same conversations had at the time of their child’s death. But it is often too much to take in and assimilate in the whirlwind of grief and loss; maybe too hard to understand the medical jargon an unskilled provider used to explain what is happening, or just too much to take in while dealing with the thought of not seeing your most precious baby tomorrow.

In JurisMD, we have created a place where you can come, discuss your grief, start to put the pieces back together, and with the help of people who have been there before, start to understand what happened to your loved one. Maybe it is just reading through the medical record with someone and having questions answered, maybe it is looking for reliable grief resources, or maybe finding legal assistance in the case of negligence. We are here to guide you through this daunting process.

Juris MD is Support for Families in Grief at the loss of a Child
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