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Defendant Case Review

Being accused of medical malpractice is a traumatizing experience for healthcare professionals. Physicians can feel alone and victimized by the very patients they sought to heal. Even the finest medical practitioners and medical facilities can be faced with a medical malpractice case.  The support of knowledgeable and well-prepared attorneys is essential.

At Pediatric Medical Experts we assist those attorneys in identifying issues in care and strategies in how to protect their clients. We provide case reviews to find the truth of what occurred and whether there were any errors or omissions on the part of the treating physicians and/or facilities.

Our goal is to assess all the facts of the case, and the potential vulnerabilities, and then advise on strategies for defense.

We educate attorneys in complex medical processes and procedures and help advocate for these physician clients. This is the most important thing we can provide for both the child’s family and the medical practitioners.

When we perform a Defendant Case Review Service, we evaluate the medical records with the definition of medical malpractice in mind. There are 4 “D’s” of medical negligence:

Duty of Care: the duty imposed on medical professionals to provide reasonable and competent medical care to patients.

Deviation from Duty: a deviation from or failure to meet the standard of care that another similarly qualified professional would provide in the same or similar circumstances. Examples such as misdiagnosing the patient, making avoidable surgical errors, or prescribing the wrong medication.

Damages: the error made led to damage to the patient. These can be physical, emotional or financial or some combination.

Direct Cause: the action of the medical professional was the direct cause of the damage the patient suffered.

The deviation and direct cause portions of medical malpractice are areas in which skilled medical experts can be most useful. They identify strengths and weaknesses in these areas so attorneys understand all the nuances of medical decision making which can help them in defending their clients. This requires years of clinical experience, a deep and up-to-date fund of knowledge about the subject matter, and excellent skills in teaching complicated and challenging subjects in a simple, easy-to-understand manner such that the lay community can understand the issues of the case.

The staff at Pediatric Medical Experts can assist attorneys in achieving these critical elements of their case by providing well researched, comprehensive reports, and delivering high impact demonstratives along with immutable testimony.

Defendant Case Review

Medical Records Evaluation
To identify errors or misdiagnoses or missed diagnoses.

Aid in Defending the Actions
Our medical review will include a list of the actions taken in your case, and the literature supporting such actions, including any applicable consensus statements and guidelines from the applicable college.

Identify Weakness in the Case
We will assist in identifying weakness in the case, possible breaches in the “standard of care”, and help attorneys understand the medical literature regarding breaches.