What is a Pediatric
Medical Expert?
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Pediatric Medical Experts Are Experienced in the Pediatric field of Medicine and can Operate as Pediatric Litigation Consultants and Risk Assessment Advisors for Hospitals and Insurance Companies.

Generally speaking, medical experts are physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals who have education, experience, and skills in a particular area of medicine. Pediatric Medical Experts are experienced in the pediatric field of medicine.  In addition to the pediatric medical services they provide, they can operate as pediatric litigation consultants and risk assessment advisors for hospitals and insurance companies.

Pediatric medical experts are crucial to many different legal processes including clinical negligence claims, regulatory issues, and  criminal cases. As risk assessment advisors, they can help hospitals and insurance companies find and resolve potential problem areas before an issue occurs.

At PME we specialize in pediatrics; we provide high quality pediatric medical experts whose sole educational and experiential background is in the care of infants and children.

Dr. Bartholomew and her team have all practiced in pediatrics for 35+ years making their opinions seasoned with not only exemplary educational background but also with years of bedside experience, which is why they are often sought after to operate as pediatric litigation consultants.

What is Important in Your Pediatric Medical Expert or Pediatric Litigation Consultant?

  • Adequate training in top rated medical schools and training programs across the United States.
  • Board Certification ensuring competence by their governing body.
  • Experience in practice.
  • Do they teach? Have they been published?
  • Do they think logically when being questioned?
  • Knowledge of medicine and how the medico-legal process works.
  • Careful listening skills.
  • Exemplary spoken and written communication skills.
  • An expert that is knowledgeable and humble, clear, and concise while explaining complicated and intricate diseases and injuries to jurors and jurists alike.
What is a pediatric medical expert

These qualities ensure a thorough evaluation and objective assessment of material facts of your case as well as incorporating lay witness testimony to provide a comprehensive review of the issues: including strengths and weaknesses and an opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that is commensurate with the current literature and standards of practice in the area of pediatrics.

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