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Pediatric Expert Witness

Pediatric Expert Witness services provided by Dr. Bartholomew adhere to the highest standards of integrity in the scientific process.

The complex legal procedures involved in a trial require attention to detail and a dedication to the truth by all involved. Consistency in opinion and adherence to the science and medical literature is essential.

Dr. Bartholomew’s extensive experience not only inspires trust in her knowledge as an expert witness for pediatric expert cases, but it also provides consistency as her testimony is based on a firm understanding of principles of care developed over decades of providing the highest quality care. 

Dr. Bartholomew has received numerous accolades for her ability to relay complex medical principles in a thorough and understandable manner through her reports, depositions, and testimony. With healthcare in a state of continual evolution, Dr. Bartholomew has dedicated innumerable hours over the years to the rigor of continued education, literature review, and keeping herself current with research and standards of care via teaching and interaction with other highly educated colleagues.  Dedication to her patient’s outcomes has motivated her to seek out quality, peer-reviewed research when it is available on a given subject.

Her 35+ years of experience and collaboration with colleagues as well as teaching in several medical schools across the United States garners confidence that her findings and testimony meet the Frye standard of being consistent with prevailing accepted standards.

Dr. Bartholomew’s dedication to her patient’s outcomes has motivated her to seek out quality, peer-reviewed research when it is available on a given subject. This research provides Dr. Bartholomew’s reports, deposition, and and expert witness services with the rigor necessary to maintain the Daubert standard.

Dr. Bartholomew’s comprehensive understanding of medicine is complemented by her approachability and compassion for people, which is why she is so often sought after to provide pediatric medical services and expert witness testimony. She is skilled in relaying complex medical information in an understandable fashion for varied audiences depending on the needs of the situation. 

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Scientifically Sound

Santa J. Bartholomew, MD, FAAP, FCCM is an award-winning Pediatrician with more than 35 years of clinical experience and a distinguished medical educator serving as a Professor of Pediatrics at two esteemed medical universities.

Unbiased and Professional

We testify based upon the facts of the case.

Santa J. Bartholomew
"I have been practicing criminal law for 35 years in the Kansas City area. My client, a daycare provider, was alleged to have hurt an infant in her care. She had been in the daycare business for 20 years and had a spotless record.

"The physical and circumstantial evidence was initially troublesome. However, it wasn’t clear from the evidence that the injury was suffered while in the care of my client. We engaged Dr. Bartholomew to assist in understanding the injury, the timing of the injury and the mechanics of how the injury could have been caused.

"With Dr. Bartholomew’s assistance, we were able to demonstrate the State’s theory had significant flaws. Eventually, the prosecution dismissed the case. Certainly, Dr. Bartholomew’s assistance helped lead to this great outcome."
Leawood, KS