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Medical Malpractice Case Review
Medical Malpractice is an act or omission by a physician, treating team, or hospital that deviates from accepted standards of the medical community and causes harm to the patient. Most healthcare providers are dedicated practitioners and provide extraordinary care in very stressful situations. They perform with knowledge and skill and save many lives over the course of their careers. There are instances in which all the care was appropriate, but the patient dies. In these circumstances after review of the chart we will help families understand this concept and meet with them and their attorney to explain the medicine, explain why choices were made, why others were not for as long as it takes to assist the family with their questions. Not every death is secondary to medical negligence. or medical malpractice. We also assist in defending health systems and their physicians against frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits. Claims that are not based in science and which are not founded by the data in the medical record and the scientific literature. However, even the best providers and health systems make avoidable mistakes that can lead to injury, illness, or death. In those cases, we will assist in educating the attorney and family about the standard of care and what breaches occurred, and how they led to the harm to their child.
The Common Types of Medical Malpractice Claims in Pediatrics:
  • Birth injuries: shoulder injuries, hip dysplasia
  • Infant Jaundice
  • Infections such as meningitis, sepsis, and pneumonia
  • Surgery errors
  • Respiratory issues
  • Issues related to health conditions such as type I diabetes.
  • Ordering errors, transcribing errors, 10-fold administration errors, dispensing errors

At Pediatric Medical Experts we are asked to evaluate cases for both physicians and hospitals as well as families of injured patients. We have no pre-determined bias. Dr. Bartholomew has worked more than 3 decades in highly skilled physician lead teams and understands their dedication to exemplary care in every circumstance but also understands that care does not always go as intended. Systems are sometimes flawed and that can lead to medical errors that cause harm to patients. We will review medical records and other investigative documents and go where the story leads us.  We assess issues of potentially missed diagnoses, appropriate or inappropriate care, and treatment.
Our Medical Malpractice Case Review Service Includes the Following:
  • Review of all medical records
  • Review of all depositions or investigative documents
  • Discussions with the attorneys and their clients
  • Extensive and complete review of the medical literature related to the issue at hand
  • An open mind about the story of the person we are trying to assist
medical malpractice

Missed Diagnoses, Misdiagnoses
We’ll assess based upon the medical records, staff records, etc.

Surgical Errors
We’ll review all records of the surgery and identify any errors.

Inappropriate Treatment or Failure to Treat 
Through our thorough review of the medical records we’ll be able to ascertain and speak to any inappropriate treatments and/or medications or medical malpractice.

Drug Errors
If any errors in medications surface during our medical review, we’ll detail those errors in our report and help to assess next actions.