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Plaintiff Case Review

With our Plaintiff Case Review you can get your questions answered. If you are a family member with a child that was injured or died under a physician’s care in the hospital, or you just do not remember what happened in the hospital and now have myriad questions about the care, we can provide the plaintiff case review.

PME will review your records in their entirety, then meet with you and answer questions, review details you may not remember, and if needed assist you in finding an attorney.

If you are an attorney who wants a plaintiff case reviewed before moving forward, we will help assess the case and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

We will provide a summary of the issues and then assist in case preparation as needed.

Our Plaintiff Case Review Includes the Following:
  • Complete review of medical records and investigative reports
  • Overread all radiographic images
  • Case strategy
  • Objective report based on medical literature (on request)

Just as there are times when our plaintiff case review does find errors or negligence, there are also times when our review will find that there was no error or negligence and that the physician and hospital took all the right actions to treat and save your child. One unique aspect of our service includes a complete conversation with you and your attorney to explain everything that occurred, get all your questions answered, and help you come to terms with the loss or injury your child suffered.

Plaintiff Case Review

Help for the Family Member
We review your child’s medical records and assist you in locating an attorney or provide case review information to your attorney.

Plaintiff Attorney Assistance
We can review your case and help determine if any errors or negligence occurred.

Assistance in Case Preparation
Identify strengths & weaknesses, provide a summary of issues, etc.