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Brianna Czaikowski Approved as a Volunteer for the Marshfield Child Advocacy Center

On June 15 Brianna Czaikowski, Legal Nurse Consultant and Doctor of Nursing Practitioner was approved to volunteer at the Marshfield Child Advocacy Center, which is an outreach program of the Marshfield Clinic’s Health System.

The Marshfield Child Advocacy Center is dedicated to providing a safe, neutral, and child-friendly location for a child to tell their story when there are concerns of abuse or neglect.

The Marshfield Child advocacy Center is one of the 14 child advocacy centers throughout the state of Wisconsin called upon to investigate child abuse and neglect in that state. They provide comprehensive services during the investigative period including:

  • Medical Evaluation
  • Forensic Interview
  • Behavioral Health Evaluation
  • Social Work Assessment
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Multidisciplinary Response to the Alleged Crime
  • Child-first, Trauma-informed Care
  • Referrals for Necessary Services (Medical, Behavioral, Social)
  • Education Specialist Services

Congratulations to Brianna in her decision to join and volunteer at such an essential organization.